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When you entrust your book or journal typesetting to Grapevine, you can expect to receive the best of both worlds: typographically exquisite pages reminiscent of the high-quality typesetting of yesteryear but composed in an efficient batch-processing environment with a high-end XML composition engine.

Whether your jobs range from print to PDF, we can give you trouble-free files and still provide competitive pricing at the same time.

Your pages will be set by qualified experts, each with a minimum of twenty years of experience in typesetting and page composition.

Our professionals have proven expertise in all publishing arenas, including:

  • Humanities journals and books
  • Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM) journals
  • Technical manuals
  • Reference books
  • Financial and legal Documents
  • Mathematics

But what if your project requires composition with a specific software suite? We can still assemble a well-qualified team to produce your pages. Our network of professionals allows us access to desktop publishing experts with deep roots in traditional typesetting.

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 Data Conversion

We offer front and back-end conversions from any format and encoding, including:

  • hardcopy
  • raw, unstructured data
  • proprietary typesetting/word processor formats
  • XML/SGML applications
  • PDF/Postscript
  • TeX/LaTex

It should be no surprise that Grapevine Publishing Services specializes in conversions to XML applications. Whether your target is a public DTD or a custom schema that we develop for you, we will bring to bear our years of commitment to standardized markup languages. We have extensive hands-on experience with conversions to a wide variety of applications, ranging from generalized public languages such as DocBook, TEI and the ISO 12083 suite, to more specialized languages such as Highwire, PubMed and MathML, to proprietary languages such as OxRefML, CamML and ALA Docbook.

As with every job Grapevine Publishing Services undertakes, data conversion projects begin with close analysis and can often be fully automated. In keeping with our commitment to public standards, we typically use XSLT for programmatic conversions, but we also have highly skilled Omnimark programmers available.

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 Data Preparation

Document content has always been a publisher's most precious commodity. However, when data persisted after publication in the past, it was coded in a proprietary typesetting language and contained little or no metadata. In the dynamic contemporary market, content is often multi-purposed, perhaps appearing once in a print version and again online; or perhaps the document has to be uniquely searchable, or structured in a way to facilitate entry into a database.

Regardless of document complexity or intended use, Grapevine Publishing Services values your data as if it were our own. All data preparation projects begin with thorough analysis, taking into account both immediate needs and potential future uses. We take great care to guarantee that your data has the proper structure and contains the appropriate metadata that will permit it to be reused in ways that have not yet been imagined.

All data preparation projects are subjected to rigorous quality control processes, yielding up to 99.9% accuracy. We use a custom suite of QC tools enabling our production teams to expeditiously check structural and data integrity. The QC processes are highly customizable, allowing us to easily meet your requirements for turnaround and degree of accuracy.

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 Data Entry and Capture

If you possess only hard copy of your data, Grapevine can work with you to find data capture solutions. Whether you require OCR scanning or double keying from manuscript to reach your end goal of converting data from print to PDF, XML, or some other format, we have highly competent, scalable staff, ensuring timely delivery of the most demanding data entry and capture projects at a competitive price.

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 Kindle and EPUB Conversions

The e-book market is experiencing tremendous growth. Don’t miss out on another revenue stream generated from your new and existing content. Grapevine offers both Kindle and EPUB conversions, so your content is accessible regardless of reading device.

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 Project Management and Packaging Services

Journal and book typesetting services are just one part of the production process. Grapevine can take your manuscript from the editing stage up to and including the final print or digital product.


We work with award-winning designers who possess a vast array of experience and expertise. Whether you need traditional text designs, type specification development, cover designs, or custom art, our designers will work with you to translate editorial and marketing needs into functional and aesthetic pages. 

Editorial and Proofreading

We offer copy editing, proofreading, abstracting and indexing services, employing only highly qualified, native English speaking personnel.

Grapevine has ongoing relationships with a large network of domestic editors who have expertise in a wide variety of fields, from humanities and mathematics to scientific, technical and medical. These subject matter experts (SMEs) will bring their proven experience with all types of publications, including trade and reference books, textbooks, and scholarly journals to your project.

Print Production Management and Digital Project Management

If your final product is a printed book, our partners can assist you with print sourcing, proof-checking, and inventory management strategies. Should your project require a digital final product, we will plan an XML-based editorial workflow to generate whatever final file format you request.

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 XML Application Design and Development

Grapevine Publishing Services’ partners have long been at the forefront of the industry’s transition from closed, proprietary systems to public standards such as XML. We have engineered XML solutions for a wide variety of academic, medical, government and technical publishers. Our extensive hands-on experience make us an ideal partner for the design, development and maintenance of XML publishing applications, including:

  • Creation and maintenance of custom DTDs or Schemas
  • Adaptation of public DTDs or Schemas
  • Design and development of XSLT applications for in-house transformation of data
  • Design and development of XML-based editorial, composition and content management systems

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 Consulting and Workflow Design

The key to effective consultation is depth and breadth of industry knowledge. Grapevine Publishing Services' partners understand the complex interactions between the many processes that comprise a publishing endeavor. During our lengthy careers with full-service typographic houses we have witnessed first-hand the evolution of copy preparation, editorial, composition and electronic publishing methodologies. Our incisive ability to see the big picture allows us to quickly identify problem areas and suggest effective, efficient solutions. Furthermore, we don't have a vested interest in selling you on a specific tool or process. Rather, we continuously investigate all evolving and emerging technologies, seeking out the tools and methods which will best fulfill your needs.

Whether you're looking for recommendations on your current operations or you would like us to engineer a comprehensive XML workflow, Grapevine Publishing Services will produce exhaustively researched, well articulated, results-oriented analysis and design.

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